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Monday, March 7, 2011


At last it has been decided by the government to form a JPC (Joint Parliamentary Committee) to inquire into the 2G-Spsctrum scam. Now just wait and watch. All the culprits of the scam will be held and severe punishment will be awarded very soon to make it a point to other unscrupulous also.

Here I remember the JPC formed after the Harshad Mehta stock-market scam in early nineties.  That JPC has probed into the scam for years. Tons of documents ware verified. ( All documents were required to be first translated into Hindi because many of the honorable members of the JPC did not know English.) After all such deliberation the JPC has finally found the “system” of RBI General Ledger entry was incorrect which ultimately lead to the scam. (This could have been found by a junior RBI auditor also.) Now, you cannot punish the “system”. No big head was found guilty. Small officials from some of the banks were targeted and punished for their role in the scam.

After a few years Ketan Mehta engineered similar kind of scam. (Fortunately no JPC was formed for probing the Ketan scam.)

The moot question is then why the JPC was so strongly demanded by the opposition?  They went to the extent not let the parliament function for the whole session and have threatened the government to repeat the action in budget session too. (It is another question what benefit common man gets even when the parliament functions!) What they actually want to gain from forming the JPC, because definitely they do not want to hang Raja or any other politician for that matter.

Mostly the JPC was demanded for …

  1. The amount involved in the scam is huge and all knows that such largesse must be supported by a corresponding amount of kickback. Now, why only the ruling party gets the entire chunk? JPC will ensure that all get some pieces of the cake. If required, the beneficiaries of the 2G spectrum will required/forced to bring fresh cake.
  2. The members of JPC will ensure that none of the person of their party found guilty in the process. In this case, particularly, the government has already declared that they have followed the precedent set by the earlier NDA government.  So all party JPC will save all party members.
  3. Propaganda will be made to create an air that no culprit was spared. JPC has investigated in the scam and responsibility was fixed. (Whose responsibility, only GOD will know!) Mostly the “system” or “process” will found erroneous.

In fact the formation of JPC itself is a scam, wasting public money. Let us watch performance of this JPC (Joint Parliamentary Circus !) too.


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