Accept the world as it is, UNLESS YOU CAN CHANGE IT !

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Bin Laden killed by American Navy-SEAL. They entered into the Pakistani borders without even informing Pakistan, performed their task and went back. It was clear violation of international laws. Even Interpol has no authority to arrest any red-cornered criminal without informing the local authorities. But it is another issue.

Days within this episode, our army chief has announced publicly that Indian army was capable enough for doing such operation. Great. Many of us are also of the opinion that Indian intelligence agencies/army should carry out similar operation for some most wanted criminals ‘residing’ in Pakistan. Yes, we have all the rights to make such demands. But is it possible?

A big “NO”.


1.      Any such action will result in retaliation from Pakistan. We are not anyway near the military or economical strength of America. So is Pakistan. But Pakistan has nothing to loose. And in last decade when our rulers, and also military higher-ups, have not strengthened our forces with advanced arms, Pakistan has done it successfully. Whatever done in missile technology is far behind the technology acquired by Pakistan from Chine and N.Korea.  They have acquired latest war air-craft from America.  Well, despite all these, we can take it as granted that our military is capable enough to defeat the Pakistan military in any war, unless Pakistan get direct support from China or America.

2.      But are we as general public, ready for any war? Whatever we say, we are not ready for any such discomfort. War always results in some sacrifice. American public has also paid for the war they have fought in Afaghanistan and Iraq. Remember that those wars were fought on the land of enemy countries. Despite that the richest economy of the world had slipped into the worst ever economic crisis of the recent times. Here we have to be ready for a war on our land and to pay a greater price. Because of various reasons, our patriotism has vanished. We do not want to give up anything for our country.

3.      We are self centered. Instead of thinking for betterment of all, we mostly want a good and comfortable life for ourselves, even at the cost of rightful necessity of the others. No one, even opposition, has said a single word in public against the government when the twin towers of WTC blew-off by the terrorists.  Look at the situation here around. Any small thing happens, the first target is ruling party. Recall the scenes made by relatives of the hostages of the high-jacked Indian Airlines plane. Their only and only demand was to get their relatives back safely at any cost. Of course, perhaps anyone, including myself, would have wanted the same. Again, they were not at fault, because they knew even if they sacrifice, there is no guarantee that the rotten government would give the criminals appropriate punishment. Afazal Guru and Kasab are the examples. But making public scenes have given one more reason to our spineless government to act softly and release the terrorists.

4.      We have no political will for taking such stern action. Remember that government is nothing but some of “us” only. We have elected these selfish, unscrupulous persons and empowered them to take decisions on behalf of us. Do not expect any strong decision from them. Even before got elected, many of them were criminals and most were corrupt. And we gave them power to perpetuate their ‘virtue’ on a big way. Now expecting anything good from them is our fault. 

5.      Basically we are selfish and coward lot. History of Hindustan has witnessed that we have been invaded frequently. The enemies have always found easily their ‘friends’ within the country to help them for patty rewards. Britishers have never brought in their soldiers from England. They have ruled us with the help of our own people. Even today we place our personal need before the need of the country. There is no air of patriotism. We just hoist flags on 15th August and 26th January and then forget what the “nation” is.  We can not force our rulers to take any bold steps like America and assure them that the country will support them whatever the result will be.

So, enjoy the IPL and Saas-Bahu serials.

But it is possible that we may not be an independent country in future. And this is reality and not any stupid reality-show on the idiot-box.


  1. Absolutely correct,our impotent and selfish leaders have not built capacity to take action against Pakistan, they are interested only in boasting about Aar par ki ladai and vote bank politics. If we conduct such covert operation in Pakistan it will lead to eruption of war between two nations and we are not prepared for war with Pakistan. To achieve decisive victory against Pakistan Indian Air force Require at least 45 fighter squadron, whereas presently it is managing with merely 27.5 fighter squadron. Although Pakistan has 23 fighter squadron that means it 4.5 squadron less, but we should not forget that territory which Pakistan has to protect is lesser whereas territory and strategic asset which we have to protect is much larger hence Pakistan has edge in Air power. similarly Indian Navvy require at least 25 Submarine including 5 nuclear Submarine, whereas presently it is surviving with just 14 Kilo class submarine. After retirement of INS Vikrant we are left with only one outdated showcase aircraft carrier INS Virat. to project itself as dominant blue water Navvy in Indian ocean region Indian Navvy requires at least 3 Aircraft Carrier. Army is also short of 14,000 officers, Indian Artillery is totally outdated. In such condition for next 15 years we can't even dream about war with Pakistan. Although mighty Indian forces can defeat Pakistan with all this shortfalls, but we don't want stale met situation like 65 war we want decisive victory like 71 war.

  2. Bhavin,
    Thanks for comments with nice details.
    Despite all these shortcomings, we can defeat Pakistan. But situation is quite different than what it was in 1971. At that time USSR was quite powerful and was supporting India. Because of USSR, China and USA has not intervened. But now China just want a chance, rather excuse, to be in war with India. And USA is a totally commercial country. We can not depend on them. So as of now we can just send lists of criminals hiding(!) in Pakistan and wish that someday Pakistan will caught them and ceremoniously hand over to India !

  3. નવીનભાઈ,
    તમે ઉર્વીશ કોઠારી નાં બ્લોગ પર ખુબ સરસ કોમેન્ટ લખી છે. અને આ તમારો લેખ પણ ખુબ સરસ છે. મેં ઉર્વીશભાઈ ને તેમની ભૂલ bbc ની લીંક સાથે બતાવી તેથી હવે એ મારી કોમેન્ટ પ્રકાશિત નથી કરી રહ્યા અને મારા નામ વગેરે બહાના બતાવી રહ્યા છે. તેથી હું તમને અભિનંદન આપવા ખાસ તમારા બ્લોગ પર કોમેન્ટ લખી રહ્યો છું. તમે કહ્યું એમ અમેરિકન SEAL નાં સૈનિકોએ એક સ્ત્રી અને બે પુરુષો ને પણ ઓસામા ને મારતી વખતે પતાવી દીધા એવું ચોક્ખું એ લીંક માં લખ્યું છે
    આતંકવાદી સાથે હાજર હોય, વર્ષોથી રહેતા હોય અને ઘટના સ્થળે હાજર હોય, એ બધા છતાં ઘણાને એવું લાગે છે કે સોહરાબુદ્દીન ની સાથેનાં સ્ત્રી અને પુરુષો 'નિર્દોષ' હતા!

    ઈશરત જહાં માટે તો રીચાર્ડ હેડલીએ ખુદ કહેલું છે કે એ ફિદાયીન આતંકવાદી હતી! એ પણ અમેરિકા ની એજન્સીને!
    કે હવે એ પણ નિર્દોષ હતી???
    આવા માનવ અધિકાર વાળાઓ ને કારણે જ આપણી પોલીસ હતોત્સાહિત થઇ શકે છે. આતંકવાદીને મારવા માટે પણ પોલીસવાળાઓ પર ગુજરાત માં કાર્યવાહીઓ થતી હોય, જેલ થતી હોય તો હવે પછી કયો પોલીસ વાળો આતંકવાદીઓ પર કાર્યવાહી કરશે?
    આપણી આજુબાજુ રહેતા લોકો જ માનવ અધિકાર નાં નામે દાનવો નાં પક્ષે લડે તો ? આ દેશ ને જયચંદ થી વધારે સમસ્યા છે, બહાર નાં દુશ્મનો કરતાં પણ !