Accept the world as it is, UNLESS YOU CAN CHANGE IT !

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Erom Sharmila of Manipur is on fasting since almost ten years. The authorities are keeping her alive by nasal-feeding. She is protesting against the actions of Indian army in the state.

Swami Nirgamanand was fasting, demanding the cleansing of the holy river Ganga. He died in mid June-2011.

Baba Ramdev went on fast in June-11 with certain demands about the black money.

Anna Hazare went on fasting from 16.08.2011, demanding modifications in the Lokpal bill prepared by the government.

Most people were unaware about the fasting of Sharmila, who has not been taking any food from mouth for years. It was only recently came into light when a small news-item published in some of the news papers, after the fasting of Anna was ended.

But still Sharmila was lucky that her fasting has been noticed when she is alive. Swami Nirgamanand’s fast was not even noticed, leave alone bothered, by anyone, including media, until he died of the hunger.

Baba Ramdev and supporters were evicted forcefully from the Ramleela ground, at the fourth night of the fast.

Whereas in the case of Anna’s fast, within a week’s from the fasting started, all concerned have started breaking heads about how to end the fast. On 12th day the government accepted (not necessary it will keep the promise !) the demands of Anna. In the history of the independent India, first time the parliament requested an ordinary citizen to end his fast. The fast was ended.

Why Sharmila and Nirgamanand were totally neglected, Ramdev was manhandled but Anna was taken seriously from very second day of the fast? The reason is YOU.  You, the common man (and of course, woman).

Yes, it was the visible support from the people that made the authority to think seriously about the consequences of Anna’s fast. There were supporters present in the Ramleela ground in case of Baba Ramdev, but the government was damn sure that the Baba has no active support from common people. Whereas in case of Anna, authority had found that the number of supporters present in the Ramleela ground were just tip of the iceberg. Many more numbers were ready to crowd the streets, if required. And that was the strength of the common people. 

It is immaterial how the support was commanded by team Anna and why people in general had supported Anna. It could be the corruption at all level or the rising prices or some other reason. The important thing is that it was the all around active support extended to Anna by the public in general, has made the authority nervous. Had such support was not there, the team-Anna would have met with the same fate as was met by Baba Ramdev.

So, it is the people who decide the fate of any leader or any movement. Remember this at the time of next election, may it be election of local councilor or MLA or MP. If you decide, you can make them responsive to your feelings and demands.

Come out and show the leaders, political or otherwise,  that they are dependent on you for their future.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


On 16th August, 2011 Anna Hazare was detained by police when he was proceeding for indefinite fast demanding Jan Lokpal Bill. He was detained on the premise that his act of going on indefinite fast may create law-n-order problems. Good. Earlier baba Ramdev’s agitation against black-money was forcefully stopped by the government on the same notion. It was a success on part of the government. And that made the government authorities to use the same weapon for shutting down the shutters of the Anna’s agitation for the Jan Lokpal bill.

But by the evening, the government understood the difference between the Anna and the Baba. But it was too late. Sufficient ground, which was badly needed by the Team Anna for a strong and sustained protest, was provided by the government itself. Earlier also I have mentioned that ‘maturity’ was lacking at all level in the present government. Same was proved again. The managers deployed by the government to counter the Anna protest were found themselves badly trapped by the Team Anna by the next morning when Anna has refused to leave the Tihar Jail unless unconditional permission to carry out fast was given by the authorities. After two days’ of high-tension drama Anna was allowed to carry out his agitation for 15 days at Ramlila ground.

Well, what the government had done was needless to be detailed or discussed now. The important matter here is the managerial capacity of the Team Anna. They caught the government sleeping. Anna was arrested with the idea that once he and his close aides in jail, everything will be under controlled. All his supporters will be dispersed, like happened in case of Baba, and by evening all will be well enough to release the Anna and dispatch him to Ralegan-Siddhi, his work-place at Maharashtra. However, as happened frequently in the cases of terrorist attacks, here also the government intelligence failed to found that the team appears with Anna is just the tip of iceberg. There are many others, not appeared in public even once, behind the curtain handling the entire operation.

Instead of disappearing, the supporters started appearing at various parts of the country, after Anna’s arrest. At Tihar Jail, especially, unpredictable number of supporters gathered and peacefully waited for Anna’s release. Same thing happened at other places also where the protestors were detained by the police. Everything was happening peacefully and in a such manner that the as if the same was planned and rehearsed perfectly. There was no visible leader in any of the gathering of the protesters. But everything was going on so smoothly as if some powerful lead was being provided to the crowd.

And that was the difference between Team Anna and Team Govt.

Team Anna has predicted all possible situations and planned accordingly. There were plan A, plan B and plan – N. Each plan was being deployed according to the changing situation. Anna arrested, no problem. Instead of going home, protesters were guided to be gathered at Tihar jail and other places showing the strength of the agitation and forcing the government to release Anna. Anna released. OK. A plan was ready for further increasing pressure on the authorities for permission for the fast.

Even the most popular political leaders found it difficult to gather a good number people nowadays. Agents are required to be deployed to bring people in political meetings and rallies. But here, people gathered at number of parts in the country in support of the Anna. Rallies were organized (who organized, no body knows). And everything was going surprisingly peacefully. Nobody was found leading any rally or guiding any of the gatherings. Everyone was leader of oneself. Agreed that common man was tired of the corruption and inflation. But our history is that we have never moved out of home for any of these causes. Here, everyone was participating the in the protest. Most were not even aware about the difference of the two bills, viz. the one prepared by government and the Jan Lokpal bill of Anna. But still people coming out in the street supporting Anna. This can not be achieved without an exceptional people-management. And it was done by the invisible managers of Team Anna efficiently. Even today, i.e. after eight days of the protest, the political pandits breaking heads on the invisible-management of Team Anna.

Media management was also extraordinary. Documentaries about the team members were prepared and aired on popular news channels. Interviews of the core team members were arranged on news channels. No political entity was given even a small chance to appear on the stage/television as a part of the protest. An air was created that everything was happening automatically. People coming out in the street spontaneously. The fact is such a large number of people can not do anything, except riots, spontaneously. Some one was always there in each gathering or rally providing the necessary lead/guidance. But who was there, is still a mystery. And that was the real managerial success on part of Team Anna. Authorities were clueless about whom to stop to put an end to a procession or a meeting or a rally.

It can be really interesting for any good business school to study the mechanism deployed by the Team Anna in managing the agitation till this day.

Anna and company have won the first part of the battle. No one knows what can be happened tomorrow, because the Team Anna is not predictable and Team Government is clueless.

Anything can happen. Let us see.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


In some of the Islamic countries, even if you kill someone you can avoid any punishment by paying ‘blood-money’. If you have enough money and the next kin of the deceased agree to accept the amount you offer, the law will free you from the crime you have committed. The amount paid to the kin of the deceased by the criminal is called ‘blood-money’.

In Gujarat, may be in some other states also, you commit the crime of unauthorized construction, wait for some time and the government will come up with some law which will allow you to pay some money for the ‘crime’ you have committed (breaching of any law, may it be civil in nature, is definitely a crime) and you will be free of the crime without any punishment. The government gets ‘blood-money’ for freeing you from the crime.

In 1997 the government of India has introduced a scheme named Voluntary Disclosure of Income Scheme, popularly known as VDIS. The scheme was for those tax defaulters who have not paid income tax in past. They were allowed to disclose their black money, pay tax at a flat rate of 30% and enjoy the remaining 70% without any question. Remember that not paying tax is a crime. Here also the government has garnered Rs 7800 crores as ‘blood-money’ and nearly 3.5 lacs tax-criminals, including firms and companies, were freed from their past crime.

Of course the first scheme is still not operating in our country, the two other schemes have given a clear message to all concerned. Commit any civil crime, wait for some time, government is there to save you in lieu of some so called ‘penalty’. Everybody knows the laws of our land, so far as civil crimes are concerned, are so poor that there is hardly any chance of getting justice. Even governments know this, because they are the law makers. And they want such laws to prevail.

Breach of civil laws is equally dangerous to the society as of criminal laws. The unauthorized construction is hazardous to anybody. Constructions made in parking space ultimately create traffic congestion on the roads which results in fetal accidents. The unauthorized constructions are against the engineering rules and incidents were reported of collapsing of such constructions killing innocent people. So just regularizing such constructions by collecting money in the name of penalty is nothing but asking for ‘blood-money’ for releasing the culprit from the crime he had committed to the society.

Similarly, schemes like VDIS give a clear message to all. Don’t pay your dues to the government. Wait for some time. The government will come up with some scheme like VDIS. You pay the so called penalty and clean yourselves. Remember, the tax rates were as high as 50% during the seventies, on income above a certain limit. Those who have paid such exorbitant  tax at that time were fools. Because, in 1997, those who have not paid the taxes in past, have just paid tax at 30% and get clean chit from the tax-man. Not only they paid the taxes at lower rate, they paid it after 20 or 30 years. That way they have used the exchequers’ money for those many years and that too without any in interest payment. Here also government has got the ‘blood-money’ for releasing the tax-criminals.

These and such other politically motivated schemes, like debt-waiver schemes for farmers, forgoing electricity-bill outstanding by Hariyana government in late nineties etc., gives  a message to the public that avoid paying your dues to the government or go and commit any civil crime like unauthorized construction and just wait. Keep some ‘blood-money’ ready and some scheme or law will be framed by the rulers to declare your crime a legitimate act.

I am waiting for a law from Maharastra government legalizing the Aadarsh Building in lieu of some ‘blood-money’.

Monday, June 13, 2011


   If I will pass in the exam, I will donate Rs …. to your temple.
   If this deal will through, I will visit abc religious place.
   If suitable bride/groom will be found for my son/daughter, I will perform this and that religious ritual in the name of the God.

Above are just some of the examples how we are offering bribe to the almighty God.

Very often I have mentioned that culturally we are a corrupt lot. We always believe that bribe is the best thing we have and we can offer to get our work done from anyone, including God.

Just think how courageous we are that we are offering such silly things to the power that has created this universe. It is just like offering a rupees 20 bribe/gift to a prime-minister or president of a country. But we are very ‘innocent’ in such things. We can do this, without any fear or shame. We are so selfish that we just even don’t think that what we are offering and to whom.

Out religions (here religion includes all religions) have always taught us that we will get what is there in our fate and at the time determined by the almighty. Then what made us fool enough to offer such silly bribe to the God for some favor. Do we believe that even God will change his decision on getting such promise form us? If so, we are degrading the God to a level equal to the human beings who are ready to sale their soul for a bribe.

This mental status of us shows our lack of trust on the God. We believe that God will not favor us if we will not offer something to him. What a rubbish belief. We are offering an earthly thing like money to God. Why God need our money?

And the question is to whom we are giving the money? God do not need this earthly thing for running this universe  and he even does not accept it. It is the ‘owners’ of the God whom we are paying the money. (Yes, the pujaaries, pandas, maulvies, bishops and like who think that God is their property and whatever we give to them reaches to the God !) And we satisfy ourselves that we have ‘paid’ the God our dues. Silly!

I am not against the money we are paying to religious entities. But just think where your money is being used which actually given in the name of the God. Just forget the small, local religious entities. Look at the large religious entities like the Tirupati, the Swaminarayans, the Ajmer-sharif, the Nathdwara, the Iscon and many others like these. Such multi-billionaire religion entities are using a very-vary small portion of their income for social services like schools, hospitals etc. A large portion of donations to such entities is either remains unused or used for the benefits of the owners/trustees of the entity, in the name of the God.

Think how we are wasting our money when we are giving it to such rich religion entities. First, it never reaches to God as God never accepts such earthly things. God only demands our faith in him. Second, large part or sometime entire of our donation remains idle or used by those who have already enough resources. If we take into account the money/gold lying idle with top 10 religion entities of our country, the total will perhaps cross the total tax collections of a year of our country. And on the other hand there are millions who do not get even enough food to sustain the life. Third, giving money or such other things, whatever may be its value, is like showing a candle to the sun. We are making fool of ourselves when we take pride/satisfaction that we have ‘paid’ the God for some favor he had made or will be made by him. Mother nature will always give us what we deserve. And it is beyond our capacity to even thank the God for what we have got.

Yes, as a noble human being we can always pass a part of the fortune we got from the God to the other needy brethrens. But just depositing money in any religion entity is like running away from our duties. Instead of wasting the money  by just keeping it idle in bank accounts/lockers of some rich religion entity, why can’t we directly give it to some needy human being, in the name of God? We can. A small help to a poor student who want to study, a poor artisan who has no money to purchase his tools, food to the hungry and like this will definitely far better than giving donations to the rich religion entities whose trustee will just sit on your money or use most of it for their comfort.

Think twice next time when you want to discharge your duties to the God. Ensure that the money you are paying in the name of God is actually being used for the noble purpose and not just for construction of five star temples and ‘ashrams’. Because God is everywhere. And since he is ‘nirakar’ (having no shape), he does not require any temple to live in.

Remember that we are too poor to offer anything to the almighty God. But God had made us rich enough to be able to help others.

And don’t even think to bribe the God. Have faith in the God. Remember that our earthly things like money/metals etc.  are not valuable enough to ‘purchase’ the God.

Monday, June 6, 2011


At midnight on 04.06.2011, Delhi police forcefully evicted the Ramleela ground. Hundreds injured. Baba Ramdev was held and sent to Haridwar by a special flight. The drama ended by the dawn. TV channels got chance to telecast items related to the issue for the whole day and people sitting at home, since next day was Sunday, watched the drama again and again on TV.
But, the entire episode has revealed immaturity at both ends.

Was Ramdev Baba right on his demand?

Earlier while demanding Lokpal bill, Anna Hazare has made some ridiculous demands. He had demanded to consolidate powers of police, investing-agencies  and judiciary in one person, i.e. Lokpal. It so done, it would be really dangerous if the person sitting on the Lokpal-seat is by chance a politician. And chances are that mostly it will be a politician only who will décor the Lokpal chair, as being done in case of the state Governors. Baba has also demanded for capital punishment or life imprisonment for the person convicted for having the black money. The definition of black money is very vast and the unscrupulous politician can use this law, if enacted, for finishing the career of their rivals. Or the same can be used by the government officials for their benefits.

Similarly, demanding for an immediate notification on black money is not possible in the type of democracy we have. All party affirmation is required before President sign on any such notification. This can not be done overnight.

Any way, otherwise there was nothing wrong in baba’s demand. Asking for declaring the black money as national property or civil service delivery bill is not against the natural justice.

Then what went wrong?

Unfortunately, this government lack wisdom of power. Yes, wisdom power. When you are in power, your acts should match your authority. First it gave too much importance to the baba. Instead of having an open dialogue with the baba, ministers tried to reach to some settlement with the baba by conducting meetings in 5star hotels. Kapil Sibal, a notable lawyer was shrewd enough to befool the baba and company and got a written confirmation about when the fasting will be ended. When the ministers found the drama is not ending as per their script, Sibal just show the letter to the media.

AT 8.00PM on 04.06.2011, after Kapil Sibal disclosed the facts of the letter written by an aide of the baba, Ramdevbaba had lost the battle. After disclosure of the letter, baba has almost lost the support of large chunk of the society for his back-door dealing with the government and not declaring the same to the followers. He could have ceremoniously declared that the government had accepted the demands and the agitation will be over next morning after the Yog (not Yoga) classis. It was perfect time for baba to wind up his fasting and start second phase of the agitation, i.e. follow-up, as being done by Anna.  But, for some unforeseen reasons, baba decided to continue his fasting. Had government allowed the fasting to continue, perhaps from the next day or so the number of participants would have started reducing. But, lack of farsightedness was everywhere.

At midnight the police cracked on the peaceful demonstrators and gave baba an opportunity to come back in the battle which he had already lost. Again baba made mistake. He had the best chance to become a hero again. Had he accepted the arrest ceremoniously and asked his followers to evict the place peacefully, he would have regained his honor in the eyes of his followers. Perhaps application of force by the police could have also been avoided. But baba was a ‘baba’ really. First he appealed from the stage not to evict the Pandal and then he himself jumped down from the stage and get cover amongst the women-followers. He even went to the extent to clad himself in ladies dress to hide from the police. It was really a foolish step by any leader. He should have shown some sense and stood against the police force till the last moment. What police could have done. They have no alternate but just to arrest the baba and deport him to his place, i.e. Patanjalee Yog Peeth at Haridwar, what otherwise also done by the authority. Even if he was sent to jail, he would have acquired even a better position in the eyes of his followers. But baba lost the chance again and lost the battle again.

Well, after the drama all lot of politicians came into picture to get the benefit of the situation.

Some of the politicians were of the opinion that Ramdev baba was a Yog-guru and he should limit his activities to his job only and should not interfere in politics. Nice. If so, Lalu Yadav should graze the cows/buffalos, Kapil Sibal should practice law, Dr Manmon Singh should go back to Delhi University teaching economics and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi?  Yes, Soniajee should continue with her profession before she married to Rajiv Gandhi. (She was a waitress in a Greek restaurant : source-Wikipedia). This is really foolish. In a prudent democracy, any citizen has right to raise questions and demand justice. It is not politics. But some of the politicians believe that politics is their ancestral property and no ordinary citizen should enter into.

Another mistake some of the leaders made was making statements that the baba was a  ‘thug’ and investigation will be made about his wealth. Now, this is really ‘bakawas’ at this stage. Baba has been building his empire since last 10 year or more. Where were you till date? Since baba was not creating any problem for you, he was allowed to do every wrong thing (as it is said now!) and since now he had raised his voice against you, government investigating agencies will come in actions against him? This means that there is no problem if you are a black marketer, a corrupt,  a thug or whatsoever till you do not ask questions to the authority. If tomorrow the Tata, Birla or Ambani will raise their voice against the government they will become ‘thugs’ overnight and will be harassed by the government agencies.  Maturity is lacking definitely at all levels in the present government.

Well, the first part of the drama is over. Let us wait for the part two.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Recently the oil companies have increased petrol prices. Increase in prices of diesel and LPG is on the corner. As usual the reason given is increase in crude oil prices in international markets. However, is it really necessary to increase the prices of petrol, diesel and LPG, i.e. the items used by almost all?

1.      During Iraq war, the crude prices were touched $140 per barrel. At that time the prices were increased. Thereafter the prices of crude oil have started reducing and touched to $70 per barrel. But not a single rupee was reduced in the prices of petrol or diesel. Not only that, but there after the oil companies have kept increasing the prices of petrol at every increase in crude oil prices. Even now the prices of crude oil are not as high as were at the time of Iraq war, but the petrol price is much higher than what it was at that time.
2.      Oil companies argue that they are loosing substantial amount on petrol, diesel and LPG. As all knows, oil companies are making hefty profits every year. The salaries of the employees of these companies are considered the best amongst public sector undertakings. Then what is the problem? It all rests with the cost computation system of these companies. When crude oil processed in the refinery, more than 100 different products are manufactured. The company calculates, as per their standards, manufacturing cost of each item. On the basis of this calculation, they decide that on some of the products they are loosing money. But what about hefty profits they are making on other products?
3.      In multi-product manufacturing process form a single raw-material, this is common phenomena. Banks loosing lot of money on ATM transaction facility provided to the deposit customers. But for that reason, banks can not stop this facility. Banks do pay interest on deposits and earn interest on loans. But this does not mean that they should not accept deposits. If banks stop taking deposits they can not land money and earn interest. Similarly, the oil companies can not stop producing petrol, diesel and LPG because they are loosing on these products. If they do so, the total wastage of crude oil will be more than the amount they are loosing on these products. Moreover, production of petrol, diesel and LPG is integral part of overall process of the refining the crude oil. So if they want to manufacture the profit making products, they have to manufacture these products also.
4.      It is argued that government provides huge subsidy on these products to the oil companies. There is nothing wrong if government provides subsidy for products of mass consumption. Government gives subsidy from the taxes paid by the public. Taxes are paid as direct taxes by those who have taxable income or in form of indirect taxes like excise duty, VAT, service tax etc. The tax payers get back some of the taxes paid by them in form of subsidy on petrol, diesel and LHG. In addition, those who have not paid tax because their income is not that much, are also getting some portion of the tax collection in form of subsidy on these petro-products. If it is so, what is wrong? Those who are earning more than the others, are supposed to support the poor country-fellows. This is indirect support to the lower-income group of the society. In fact government should continue providing subsidy on such products even by collecting more taxes from the higher-income group of the society.

But unfortunately our rulers are thinking on other way. They do not want to increase prices of ATF (fuel used in aircraft). Even though the class traveling in aircrafts is in a position to pay more for the journey, the government is not interested in collecting more money from them. Similarly more income can be generated by levying more taxes on luxury spending and the same can be used for providing relief to the poor by way of subsidy on certain items of mass consumption. This does not mean that we should go for 100% socialist economy. But, in a country like us where the rich are becoming richer by using the resources available in the country and poor remains poor, some cross-subsidization of certain mass consumption items is must.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Bin Laden killed by American Navy-SEAL. They entered into the Pakistani borders without even informing Pakistan, performed their task and went back. It was clear violation of international laws. Even Interpol has no authority to arrest any red-cornered criminal without informing the local authorities. But it is another issue.

Days within this episode, our army chief has announced publicly that Indian army was capable enough for doing such operation. Great. Many of us are also of the opinion that Indian intelligence agencies/army should carry out similar operation for some most wanted criminals ‘residing’ in Pakistan. Yes, we have all the rights to make such demands. But is it possible?

A big “NO”.


1.      Any such action will result in retaliation from Pakistan. We are not anyway near the military or economical strength of America. So is Pakistan. But Pakistan has nothing to loose. And in last decade when our rulers, and also military higher-ups, have not strengthened our forces with advanced arms, Pakistan has done it successfully. Whatever done in missile technology is far behind the technology acquired by Pakistan from Chine and N.Korea.  They have acquired latest war air-craft from America.  Well, despite all these, we can take it as granted that our military is capable enough to defeat the Pakistan military in any war, unless Pakistan get direct support from China or America.

2.      But are we as general public, ready for any war? Whatever we say, we are not ready for any such discomfort. War always results in some sacrifice. American public has also paid for the war they have fought in Afaghanistan and Iraq. Remember that those wars were fought on the land of enemy countries. Despite that the richest economy of the world had slipped into the worst ever economic crisis of the recent times. Here we have to be ready for a war on our land and to pay a greater price. Because of various reasons, our patriotism has vanished. We do not want to give up anything for our country.

3.      We are self centered. Instead of thinking for betterment of all, we mostly want a good and comfortable life for ourselves, even at the cost of rightful necessity of the others. No one, even opposition, has said a single word in public against the government when the twin towers of WTC blew-off by the terrorists.  Look at the situation here around. Any small thing happens, the first target is ruling party. Recall the scenes made by relatives of the hostages of the high-jacked Indian Airlines plane. Their only and only demand was to get their relatives back safely at any cost. Of course, perhaps anyone, including myself, would have wanted the same. Again, they were not at fault, because they knew even if they sacrifice, there is no guarantee that the rotten government would give the criminals appropriate punishment. Afazal Guru and Kasab are the examples. But making public scenes have given one more reason to our spineless government to act softly and release the terrorists.

4.      We have no political will for taking such stern action. Remember that government is nothing but some of “us” only. We have elected these selfish, unscrupulous persons and empowered them to take decisions on behalf of us. Do not expect any strong decision from them. Even before got elected, many of them were criminals and most were corrupt. And we gave them power to perpetuate their ‘virtue’ on a big way. Now expecting anything good from them is our fault. 

5.      Basically we are selfish and coward lot. History of Hindustan has witnessed that we have been invaded frequently. The enemies have always found easily their ‘friends’ within the country to help them for patty rewards. Britishers have never brought in their soldiers from England. They have ruled us with the help of our own people. Even today we place our personal need before the need of the country. There is no air of patriotism. We just hoist flags on 15th August and 26th January and then forget what the “nation” is.  We can not force our rulers to take any bold steps like America and assure them that the country will support them whatever the result will be.

So, enjoy the IPL and Saas-Bahu serials.

But it is possible that we may not be an independent country in future. And this is reality and not any stupid reality-show on the idiot-box.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Scene 1 : The party is over. Everybody has left. Staff of catering services has now to wash the plates and bowls. In most of the plates some leftover was there. Hardly any dish was empty in real term. They have no option but to throw the remains in the dishes to the  garbage bins.

Scene 2 : Sharma’s is a rich four member family. Residing in a six bedrooms’ posh bunglow. It is 10.00pm. Mr Sharma is busy in his office work in his study room. His son is doing something in his laptop in his bed-room. Her daughter is watching a movie on her personal LCD TV in her room. Mrs Sharma is watching her daily-soap on 72” LED TV in drawing room. The cook and other servants have finished the work. No one in kitchen or in dining room, but lights were on in kitchen and dining room. Tow lamps were shining the porch area. Three tube-lights were on in the garden area, though no one was there. Four lamps were on in the chandeliers fitted on two entrances. A lamp was on in the terrace also. Electricity bill was not an issue for millionaire Sharmas.

Scene 3 : Shah’s family is in a hotel for dinner. They were six persons including family members and guests. Every one has started placing order of one’s choice. The waiter served the food. Placing of further/repeating orders was continued till the dinner was over. When everybody finished, almost 30% of the food was remained unconsumed on the table. Mr Shah paid the bill with a credit card, even without looking at the amount in the bill. Left a heavy tip for the waiter. The cleaning boy of the hotel collected all the semi-filled dished and throw everything in the garbage bins.

Scene 4 : Mother asked Jonny to buy a bread from the corner shop. Jonny’s bike was taken by his friend. Jonny pulled out 1800cc car from the garage, draw down to less then half kilometer away glossary shop, buy a bread costing 15 rupees  and came back. Petrol consumed by the luxury car was not a problem for Jonny, because his industrialist father was giving him quite large amount as pocket money.

We are witnessing such scenes frequently. Sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly, we become a party to such scenes. In all above scenes, money was not a problem. They have enough money to pay for the wastage they have made. But here the question is about the resources, scarce resources, misused or wasted. The food wasted in the buffet or in hotel could have been saved and made available to the needy. The electricity or water we are wasting can be used for better productive purposes. Of course we are paying for the wastage. But by the power of extra money we have, we are depriving others of the scarce resources, only because they have not enough money to pay higher prices of the resources. And the prices of resources are increasing because of this wastage also.

There are people who are hand-to-mouth. They can hardly meet their minimum requirements. On the other hand there are people who are wasting basic resources like food, electricity, water, fuel etc. on the strength of the extra money they have. Everyone has right to live the best possible life one can afford. But it doesn’t mean that we should waste the resources. If we can afford, we have all the right to eat the best food, live in best house, use electricity/water/fuel etc. for our comfort. But it does not make any sense in just wasting all these stuff only because we have paid for it. Because of wastage done by the rich, the poor either do not get the required resources for living or forced to pay higher prices for the same.

Basically, we are very careless in using the resources. Only because we can pay, we are using the resources which can be saved and used for better purpose. We are wasting electricity like anything and then we have no enough power to run the factories or providing irrigation facilities to the farms producing food grains. And then we keep complaining for increasing cost of the products/produces. We just forget that we can print the currency, but the resources are not in our control. Mother Nature has decided the quota of each resource for us. We use it or waste it, it is our choice. If we waste it, someone will not get his/her quota. Which will ultimately result in social unrest. I am not supporting Naxalites  at all. But it is time to think about the proper distribution and even more proper use of the resources. ( Distribution of wealth is all together a different issue.) Definitely use what you really need and can afford. But ensure that it is really used and not misused or wasted.

Start from your home, today itself. It will be a great contribution to the society.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Anna Hazare demanded for formation of a joint committee for appointment of Jan Lokpal (People Ombudsman). Government has agreed to the demand and made a notification forming a committee for deciding the Lokpal Bill. And people of this ‘unfortunate’ country have started celebration to the extent as if corruption is eradicated from the country. As if all dishonest politicians and bureaucrats are punished. Are we really so innocent or are we fools? People of this country have always, from ancient times, waited for some superman to come and remove all the evils. (Our ancient epics like Ramayan and Mahabharat have also same stories where the “ bechhari-janata(poor people)” was saved from all the evils by some “heros” like Ram and Krushn). Perhaps they have seen their ‘suparman’ in Anna.  Poor folk.

The history of independent India has witnessed that such independent entities have not performed well. CBI, EC(election commission) and VC (vigilance commission) are examples of such authorities. These institutions are given immense powers and independence (at least on paper) to perform without any fear or interference of governments. But the track record of these authorities is far from satisfactory.

CBI, the highest investigating agency has always remain a handy tool for the ruling party to use against the opposition or for own benefits. The working of CBI has always remained doubtful because in many cases the flow of investigation kept changing with the change of power in the center. Bofors is one of the best examples of such so called investigations.

Election commission is such another entity having vast powers. However, during sixty years of its existence, only during the tenure of Sh Sheshan, electoral reforms have taken place. People were made aware of rules and regulations need to be followed by the contestants. But after Sh Sheshan has gone, no further reform took place. Not a single politician has been given exemplary punishment for breach of election regulations.

Until the Tomas issue came out, very few have heard anything about the Vigilance Commission(VC). The reason is this institution has done nothing remarkable ever. Looking to the magnitude of corruption in the country, perhaps this authority has maximum opportunity to show its performance. But this authority has just past its tenure and enjoyed facilities available at the cost of the money of the exchequers.

The basic reason of total failure of such agencies is  that the posting of top-brass of these agencies is still in the hand of the government, directly or indirectly. Due care is always taken by the authority to put ‘right’ person at right place in such agencies. Mostly the persons retired from government jobs, and have track-record ‘suitable’ to the ruling party, are placed in such agencies. (Thomas was just befitting the post of CVC for this government.) For such persons the hefty pay-packet and other perks are extra benefits in addition to the pensions. They just pass their tenure peacefully without annoying their ‘aakaas(masters)’ in power to ensure extension or such another posting. No question of performance comes at all. This system need to be changed. (Our constitution does not allow to express anything against the President of India, otherwise lot can be said about election(!) of some of our presidents, also.)

In light of this situation, appointment of a Lokpal will not make much difference. On one hand some of the demands of Anna Hazare are not fair and tenable. His demand for giving full authorities to the Lokpal for receiving complaints, investigating and punishing the culprit is dangerous if fell in hand of some unscrupulous person. Remember, the Lokpal will be a human being after all and that too appointed by the ruling government. Process may whatever be, our experience is that the ruling party in this country can influence any posting, appointment and even election. On the other hand, again the person posted on this post will ensure that he/she get another term or another such assignment from the government for a peaceful and prosperous retired life. This will definitely affect the performance of the Lokpal.

It is not that nothing can be done to remove corruption from this country. But for that every one should have to start from the scratch. Gandhijee has said “Be The Change You Want To See”. How many of us have got a driving license without paying bribe or using influence? We pay donations to get admissions in any good school, teaching our children that this the way of getting work done. We are not ready to follow even simple traffic rules made for our own safety, leave alone thinking about the safety of others. Instead of asking for our rights, we always trying to find out short cuts to get our work done. We elect criminals and send them in parliaments and then blame the system. No Lokpal can do anything unless we are ready to fight against the corrupt and dishonest politicians/bureaucrats. Instead of searching ‘super/spiderman’ in Anna or some other person, it is better to be a ‘man’ ourselves. If most of us, if not everyone, will become a man/woman and fight for his/her lawful rights as a human being, we do not need any Lokpal.

Unfortunately the situation is totally different. Economic crime has become a status symbol. The definition of good character is reduced to sexual relations only. ( Refer to Loose Character....  in this Blog). Instead of social boycott of corrupt politicians, this lot gets more and more supporters. If we want to remove corruption, the simple way is to stop giving bribe. If most of us will refuse to give bribe, the person asking for bribe will have to change his/her mentality. Instead of voting for any party, we need to cast our vote in favour of the least culprit available in the list.  A coalition of honest persons is far better then an absolute majority of criminals in parliament. If we do so, the political parties will have to rethink about selecting their candidates.

So don’t wait for Lokpal or any other ‘superman’. Such heroes exist in stories and movies only. In real life you are the hero/heroine of your life. Prove it.

Monday, March 7, 2011


At last it has been decided by the government to form a JPC (Joint Parliamentary Committee) to inquire into the 2G-Spsctrum scam. Now just wait and watch. All the culprits of the scam will be held and severe punishment will be awarded very soon to make it a point to other unscrupulous also.

Here I remember the JPC formed after the Harshad Mehta stock-market scam in early nineties.  That JPC has probed into the scam for years. Tons of documents ware verified. ( All documents were required to be first translated into Hindi because many of the honorable members of the JPC did not know English.) After all such deliberation the JPC has finally found the “system” of RBI General Ledger entry was incorrect which ultimately lead to the scam. (This could have been found by a junior RBI auditor also.) Now, you cannot punish the “system”. No big head was found guilty. Small officials from some of the banks were targeted and punished for their role in the scam.

After a few years Ketan Mehta engineered similar kind of scam. (Fortunately no JPC was formed for probing the Ketan scam.)

The moot question is then why the JPC was so strongly demanded by the opposition?  They went to the extent not let the parliament function for the whole session and have threatened the government to repeat the action in budget session too. (It is another question what benefit common man gets even when the parliament functions!) What they actually want to gain from forming the JPC, because definitely they do not want to hang Raja or any other politician for that matter.

Mostly the JPC was demanded for …

  1. The amount involved in the scam is huge and all knows that such largesse must be supported by a corresponding amount of kickback. Now, why only the ruling party gets the entire chunk? JPC will ensure that all get some pieces of the cake. If required, the beneficiaries of the 2G spectrum will required/forced to bring fresh cake.
  2. The members of JPC will ensure that none of the person of their party found guilty in the process. In this case, particularly, the government has already declared that they have followed the precedent set by the earlier NDA government.  So all party JPC will save all party members.
  3. Propaganda will be made to create an air that no culprit was spared. JPC has investigated in the scam and responsibility was fixed. (Whose responsibility, only GOD will know!) Mostly the “system” or “process” will found erroneous.

In fact the formation of JPC itself is a scam, wasting public money. Let us watch performance of this JPC (Joint Parliamentary Circus !) too.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


During the so called press meet of Dr Manmohan Singh with the editors-in-chief of the electronic-media on 15.02.2011, one of the editors-in-chief ( a lady, I don't know which channel she was representing) asked the question of the year(!) to Dr Singh :

"Sir, the cricket world cup will start very soon. People of India desire from heart that Indian team should win the cup. What is your wish?"

Did she expected Dr Singh to reply he was wishing some other country should win the cup? (that too in a open press-meet!)

She deserves .... what?

Jay Ho !!!

Monday, February 14, 2011



Can we get the lost time back? Certainly not. Surprisingly, many of us frequently trying to get back the time already passed. Not believing?

What we are doing when we are feeling guilty for what we have done or not-done in past? We are trying to get back to the moments, the time, we have already lived.

Surely no one can change one’s past, however capable/powerful one may be. Then what we are getting by just wasting our present in feeling guilty for our past. Yes, we can definitely learn from our mistakes and DO something now to minimize the loss. But just feeling guilty does not pay any dividend. On the contrary it paralyzes our present.

So, my friends, just forget what has happened in past and make your present more fruitful.

Can anyone has even slightest idea what will happened to Mahatma Gandhi or Mrs. Indira Gandhi, just before few minutes of their assassination. These are just examples. You can recall so many happenings, good or bad, in your life which you or no one had ever expected. What can happen very next moment in any one’s life is not certain.

Again, surprisingly, we are spending our precious present in worrying about what will happen if…..

This IF is very dangerous and useless. Life if full of surprises. In fact, these element of life makes the life more livable.
The fact is we are equally helpless for our future as we are for our past.

I am definitely not meaning that we should stop thinking about our future. We must, and also put all efforts in present to make our future better. But at the same time, just worrying about what will happen if “A” is happen or “A” is not happen does not helping in building concrete base for a sound future. Put all your efforts now, without bothering about what will happen tomorrow.

I remember a sweet short story here …

Once there was a king. He had everything then what he has wanted. A large kingdom, wealth, health, loyal ministers. He was very happy.
He once heard about saint who was said to be very knowledgeable with high spiritual power. So the king went to the saint to pay honor. King requested the saint to give him advice for ruling his kingdom more effectively. The saint said that since the king is already doing well and has everything what a king should have, there is no need any advice. However, the saint wrote something on a piece of paper and gave to the king and said him to use the message when he was in dire need of some assistance. King put the paper in pendent he usually wearing.
Time passed, and as witnessed in the history, some of the near and dears of the king rebelled. The king lost all his powers and wealth. However, somehow he managed to escape with some of his family members. They continued to hide themselves in a forest to save their life. One by one, by one or other, the king lost his family members. A time came, when he was alone in the deep forest. He has no one with him. A wealthy, happy, mighty king just before a few days was not striving for like. Since there was no hope or reason for life is remained, he decided to commit suicide. He decided to hang himself on a tree. Just at the time of fixing the knot of the rope on his neck, his hand touched the pendent. He remembered the words of the saint and opened the pendent and unfolded the paper.
Only one sentence was written there.
“This Time Will Also Pass”.The king shocked. The saint has written this sentence when the king was a mighty, powerful king of a large wealthy kingdom. If that time did not lasted, why this one will last forever?
The king decided not to surrender to the circumstances which were always changing. And thereafter the story is as usual. He met some of his loyal supporters, gathered weapons somehow… and of course regains the power.

Moral of the story is that The Time Always Keep Changing. Let the preset moment, if not desirable, be passed.

So my friends, just not feel guilty for what has happened in the past or worry about what will happen tomorrow, and just use present moments as you want to use. Passing exam or getting excellent grade is just one of the activities of life. Failing in any exam is not failing in life. There is always other chance.

Just put all your efforts to achieve the target. Whatever result may come, life is still yours.

All the best….

(In view of the forthcoming exams, I have reposted this article.)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


After post-Godhara riots, in the year 2002 in Gujarat, the phrase “National Shame” was coined by many politicians. I agree that what was happened in Godhara was wrong. What happened immediately thereafter throughout the state was also totally wrong. And what has been happening thereafter, in relation to post-Godhara riots, is even worse. But I do not want to go into this politically painted/tainted issue.

Today I was waiting at a traffic signal at Ellis bridge crossing. (Ellis bridge square is one of the most busy traffic crossings of Ahmedabad city.) The time was 10.00AM. I saw a young boy of around 8 to 10 years defecating on the footpath. And the once very dear phrase of politicians “national shame” struck my mind. Those politicians who want to see what our real national-shame is, should travel in any train reaching New Delhi railway station between 7.00 to 8.00AM. They have just to wake up at 6.00AM and sit on any of the window seat. They will find uninterrupted line of national-shame on the adjoining railway track itself. After 60 years of independent rule of our own people, we could not provide even toilet, leave alone a home, to more than 40% of the population.

If you look around, you will find, other than politicians, many national-shames like …

  1. You order a tea on a road side tea stall and the national-shame will come to serve the tea with tea-cup in one hand and water-bowl in the other.
  2. Go to any government department and you will require to grease the hands of national-shame for moving your paper from one table to the other. And the other side of the same national-shame will also be there, paying bribes for getting the illegal work done.
  3. Want admission in a good school? National-shame is there asking donation.
  4. Leave alone the young children, you will find many adult national-shames standing on road side releasing water-pressure, i.e. peeing. (Before a few years  a head line was appeared in a leading daily in New Delhi  - “Are Women Bladderless Creature?”.)
  5. Throwing garbage or spitting anywhere is never a shame for us though it is really a national-shame.
  6. Is it not a national-shame that the finance minister of a country declares that he has no magic stick to bring down the inflation? (He had many to let the prices of essential commodities doubled in just few months.)
  7. And latest one, the chief vigilance commissioner (CVC) of the country says that why can’t he be on the post of CVC even though he has been charge-sheeted for malpractices in past, when there are so many charge-sheeted members-of-parliament? (It is CVC’s duty to ensure that such unscrupulous persons do no remain any more in the parliament!)

The list can go on and on.

But, let us, you and me, decide NOT to contribute to the list.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


We are facing a hell of the problems. Steep price rise of essential commodities has made the life of common man difficult. Tax-payers’ money is siphoned off by unscrupulous politicians by way of variety of scams like CWG, Aadarsh, 2G-Spartrum and so on. Common man is living in hand-to-mount, even worse, situation. Terrorism keeps on threatening our national security and integration. China is, as usual pushing India on border issues. List is infinite. And of course our elite media is keeping the fire burning by telecasting all these problems as news, discussions, interviews etc.

But come 19th February and all problems are solved. Because ICC cricket World Cup will starts on that grate day. Once cricket is there, no problem can sustain against the importance of the cricket. We will forget everything and will start bothering who will get the cup.

Cricket news will be the only news, breaking or regular, for all the news channels. Each run scored and fall of every wicket will be updated on all news channels during the match is going on and after the match is over detailed post-mortem of the match will be served to the viewers. And we will happily watch all this silly stuff by roaming from one channel to the other. Newspapers will not remain behind. If BCCI team wins, front-page news item. If they loss, even bigger news with worry of what will happen to this country. (The team playing cricket as Indian team is not selected by any government/public department/body. It is selected and being maintained by an independent body called BCCI. Unfortunately we attach our national pride with these  11+ persons who are on pay-roll of a private profit-motivated commercial entity. In addition now these persons are ‘purchased’ by business houses via auction.)

Pakistan continues cross-border terrorism, no problem. China eyes Arunachal Pradesh, not a big issue. And inflation… what is that?  The core issue is the ICC world cup. All discussions/expressions will be directed to cricket, may it be on TV, news paper or at “Nukkad”. All other things are patty and can be think about( if to think about at all) after 2nd April, i.e. the last day of the world cup.

News channels’ or news papers’ owners are no fools. They will go after any news either if it has TRP/circulation value or monetary value. And the cricket has both. Average Indian goes mad after the cricket news and BCCI is there to add monetary value for each telecast/publication of cricket stuff.

Sometime I wonder that BCCI is working as a “pacifying agency” for the Indian government. It keeps on producing cricket “tamasha” on regular interval to ensure diversion of average people mind from their day-to-day problems. Cricket is a toxic material being sold without any license to even minors. And world cup is a heavier dose. All will use this toxic material and forget about all the problems. How many marks were obtained in last prelim-exams? Don’t remember? Not a problem, but run scored by Sachin or even Bhajjee must be on tongue-tip. Otherwise you are an ignorant, useless creature and got a big zero in GK.  Budget will come and go. But you need not to bother what taxes will cut your pocket to size until you know the date of next match of BCCI team. But government wants this. Cricket is a big tool for the rulers to divert the mind of common man from the ‘state-sponsored’ problems to something where government is not involved. You can’t blame any politician if so called Indian cricket team run-out of the tournament even in league-round.

Definitely I am not against the game of Cricket. But it should be a sport only. It should not become our national issue. (I will not discuss here about the loss being suffered by other genuine sports because of the unauthorized ‘national-game’ status of cricket.) It should get coverage and our attention only it deservers as a sport. We must remember that cricket world cup will not earn anything for the country. All profits will go the BCCI and will be at disposals of “Lalit Modies”. (Name may differ from person to person, but act will not.)

We, as responsible citizen of the country must come out from this cricket-mania. Enjoying the game is not a problem, but it should not be allowed to command the situation and take all our attention to the extent that the real issues go sidelined and the culprits escape comfortably.

 Please, keep on thinking BEYOND CRICKET during the ICC World Cup too. पर मेरी कविता “क्रिकेट ज्वर’ पढने के लिये आप आमंत्रित है.