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Friday, December 3, 2010


What will come to our mind when we hear the word loose-character or character-less. Only one thing… i.e. extra marital sexual relation. Nothing else we will think about for the person marked with these two words.

What a strange society we are living in. Character is limited just to the loyalty to the spouse only. All other evils have nothing to do with our character. Even if I am a black-marketer, a thief, a corrupt government-servant, not paying my tax-dues, cheating friends and colleagues, blending inedible things in foods… list anything, but if I am loyal to my spouse, then my character is OK.

In fact character represents overall personality of a person. But, unfortunately we have reduced it only to sex. However honest, decent, polite and good social person you are, but if you have sexual relations with anyone other than your spouse, even if it is with the consent of your spouse, you character is loose. Despite the fact that dishonest person is causing damage to the society like anything whereas a person having extra-marital sexual relations may not harm anyone a little bit, the character is linked only to extra marital sexual relation.

And shrewd persons, especially politicians, know this mentality of our society very well. Therefore, they are performing all the mal-practices cleverly without any fear of people may know about. However, they take utmost care that their extra marital sexual relation should not be disclosed. And we are accepting this happily.

Persons involved in scams, held guilty for not paying taxes, proved black-marketers, dishonest business-men, involved in penal-crimes and like are freely presenting themselves in the public without any fear of rejection. Even they get elected in assemblies/parliament. But any person otherwise honest and ordinary but just having little doubt about his/her extra marital sexual relation, will be rejected by the mass, in most cases.

This shows how much immature, socially, we are. We do not think beyond a level. Bill Clinton was re-elected despite Monika-affairs, by American public. Because he was judged by the public not by his personal life but by the qualifications he had for the job/work he was applying for. And we are electing…. forget it!

Don’t you think we need to grow-up and change our social thinking?

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