Accept the world as it is, UNLESS YOU CAN CHANGE IT !

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Since many hundreds of years new inventions/discoveries have been made by the human kind for betterment of the human life. Electricity, conveyance, houses, roads and so on. Everything is at finger tip.

The moot question is still remain... are we happy now?

To answer this question, we need to understand 'what is happiness?'. When we really feel ourselves happy?. Very simple. When we do something what we want to do. Like ... reading some book, watching favorite TV program, go for a walk, talking to some one with whom we want to talk or just sitting without doing anything or ... yes... sleepping.

Now the real question. How many hours or say minutes we are actually doing daily, what we LIKE to do. Think twice before answering, honestly.

The daily chore we are doing, starting from the early morning to late night are mostly not our favorite or we want to do AT THAT TIME. Waking up at a specific time irrespective the seasonal requirement of our body, is the first thing we do not want to do. Our body and mind do not want to leave the bed at the given time, but we have no choice. And this is the starting of doing things we do not want to do at the given time. During the entire day we mostly doing things that given a choice we hardly do. Most of us doing business/job we don't like. But we have no choice.

Starting from an age as early as 2 to 2.5 years we are forced to do what we do not like. No child want to go school or at least get the formal education. But they have to, otherwise they will remain UNDER OR UNDEVELOPED. After spending first 25-30 years in getting education/degrees we spend remaining life mostly for acquiring thing for living a better life. We just do not have time to LIVE the life because we are too busy in MAKING the LIFE.

Agree, we are spending some time in doing activities which we LIKE. Say reading a book or watching TV program we want to watch or have a trip to some place of our liking. Bur if we put a percent of such activities to total time of our life, it is very very less.

The better life style and medical facility has definitely increased our life-expectancy from 30-40 years before 5000 years to say 70-80 years now. But again how much percentage of this many years are we doing activities of our CHOICE?

Before say 50000 years the human race was totally undeveloped. We were living in jungle with other wild animals. Our life span was not more than 30 years. But during those 20-30 years we were free to live our life of our choice. There was no clocks to remind us early in the morning to get up. We were getting up when our body and mind permitting us, i.e. when we have sufficient sleep. After getting-up, the time was not pushing us to do the things, as being done now. We were doing what ever we wanted to do. Say just sitting idle, swimming in revers, just running around with other kids, climbing on the trees and eating the natural fruits or vegetables when we feel like eating and so on. There was no need to do any unwanted business / job. No boss, no customers, no budgets, no silly graphs of achievements, no cut-throat competition and so on. Yes there were no SO CALLED articles of comfort/entertainment like cosy furniture, TV, mobiles, cars, amusement parks etc. But are we actually need all these items for happiness or other way round are we happy with all these things.

Were not our ancestor, though living less years than us, more happy than us? Were they not more... quite more independent in living their life at their own way?

Think about it !


  1. I don't agree with u. who told u that they were not forced to do, what they didn't wanted to do? were they not forced to go for hunting when they didn't like to go. Had they not remained hungry for many days in absence of Pray. to day we have to rise early the get our bread n butter but our ancestors also had to rise early to get their pray n the most important thing is that we r sure that after doing work we will get the food but ancestors were not so sure.they had to face the fear of wild animals and had to shiver in the cold which they didn't like but they have no choice. hence your track of thought is totally wrong n just justifying laziness n if u don't like to work then leave the world, go n become gypsy.

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