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Monday, June 13, 2011


   If I will pass in the exam, I will donate Rs …. to your temple.
   If this deal will through, I will visit abc religious place.
   If suitable bride/groom will be found for my son/daughter, I will perform this and that religious ritual in the name of the God.

Above are just some of the examples how we are offering bribe to the almighty God.

Very often I have mentioned that culturally we are a corrupt lot. We always believe that bribe is the best thing we have and we can offer to get our work done from anyone, including God.

Just think how courageous we are that we are offering such silly things to the power that has created this universe. It is just like offering a rupees 20 bribe/gift to a prime-minister or president of a country. But we are very ‘innocent’ in such things. We can do this, without any fear or shame. We are so selfish that we just even don’t think that what we are offering and to whom.

Out religions (here religion includes all religions) have always taught us that we will get what is there in our fate and at the time determined by the almighty. Then what made us fool enough to offer such silly bribe to the God for some favor. Do we believe that even God will change his decision on getting such promise form us? If so, we are degrading the God to a level equal to the human beings who are ready to sale their soul for a bribe.

This mental status of us shows our lack of trust on the God. We believe that God will not favor us if we will not offer something to him. What a rubbish belief. We are offering an earthly thing like money to God. Why God need our money?

And the question is to whom we are giving the money? God do not need this earthly thing for running this universe  and he even does not accept it. It is the ‘owners’ of the God whom we are paying the money. (Yes, the pujaaries, pandas, maulvies, bishops and like who think that God is their property and whatever we give to them reaches to the God !) And we satisfy ourselves that we have ‘paid’ the God our dues. Silly!

I am not against the money we are paying to religious entities. But just think where your money is being used which actually given in the name of the God. Just forget the small, local religious entities. Look at the large religious entities like the Tirupati, the Swaminarayans, the Ajmer-sharif, the Nathdwara, the Iscon and many others like these. Such multi-billionaire religion entities are using a very-vary small portion of their income for social services like schools, hospitals etc. A large portion of donations to such entities is either remains unused or used for the benefits of the owners/trustees of the entity, in the name of the God.

Think how we are wasting our money when we are giving it to such rich religion entities. First, it never reaches to God as God never accepts such earthly things. God only demands our faith in him. Second, large part or sometime entire of our donation remains idle or used by those who have already enough resources. If we take into account the money/gold lying idle with top 10 religion entities of our country, the total will perhaps cross the total tax collections of a year of our country. And on the other hand there are millions who do not get even enough food to sustain the life. Third, giving money or such other things, whatever may be its value, is like showing a candle to the sun. We are making fool of ourselves when we take pride/satisfaction that we have ‘paid’ the God for some favor he had made or will be made by him. Mother nature will always give us what we deserve. And it is beyond our capacity to even thank the God for what we have got.

Yes, as a noble human being we can always pass a part of the fortune we got from the God to the other needy brethrens. But just depositing money in any religion entity is like running away from our duties. Instead of wasting the money  by just keeping it idle in bank accounts/lockers of some rich religion entity, why can’t we directly give it to some needy human being, in the name of God? We can. A small help to a poor student who want to study, a poor artisan who has no money to purchase his tools, food to the hungry and like this will definitely far better than giving donations to the rich religion entities whose trustee will just sit on your money or use most of it for their comfort.

Think twice next time when you want to discharge your duties to the God. Ensure that the money you are paying in the name of God is actually being used for the noble purpose and not just for construction of five star temples and ‘ashrams’. Because God is everywhere. And since he is ‘nirakar’ (having no shape), he does not require any temple to live in.

Remember that we are too poor to offer anything to the almighty God. But God had made us rich enough to be able to help others.

And don’t even think to bribe the God. Have faith in the God. Remember that our earthly things like money/metals etc.  are not valuable enough to ‘purchase’ the God.

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  1. aapne bilkul sahi likha.sabko ye samajhnaa chahiye
    bhagwaan ko hamare paise ki nahi hamari shradha,aur hamare achche karmon ki jarurat hai.very nice post.badhaai aapko.thanks mere blog main aane ke liye.